Leading Edge, The

Keys to Sharpen Your Effectiveness As a Leader

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  • ISBN :9789810547561
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Publisher :Charisma Media
  • Author :Jack Hayford

Description :

You are about to discover the greatest secrets of being a good and godly leader! Whether you have been in a leadership position for years or are sensing God drawing you into this role, Jack Hayford’s words will deepen and expand your dimension of true leadership.

The Leading Edge offers you more than a clever bag of media tricks to promote or style you! Here you will find experience and wisdom crafted into a process that will outline and define your future as a leader.

Leadership means being willing to take risks and pushing past the outer edge to get to the “leading edge”. Your contribution to society requires more than being a creative promoter, a striking communicator or a well-known media voice. While living by the rules and finishing the race are extremely important today, The Leading Edge helps you see what lies beyond just the winning race.

Stretch and grow your character as you learn to guide those around you past the world’s definition of success.