Lettering Prayer Journal, Krystal Whitten, J2414

Connect With God In A Creative Way
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  • ISBN :9781644548059
  • Format :Hardback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :250
  • Dimensions :254 x 203 x 0 mm
  • Publication Date :12/11/2020
  • Publisher :DAYSPRING
  • Author :Default

Description :The Lettering Prayer Journal will allow you to focus and engage with Scripture in a new, creative way. Dont know how to hand letter? Thats okay! With twenty instructional pages, youll learn basic hand-lettering techniques to help you get started on your creative journey. Spending time hand lettering Gods Word is not only enjoyable, but youll see your prayer life dramatically transform into a thriving relationship with God as you learn His promises, depend on His truth, and lean into His love and care for you.