MacArthur New Testament Commentary Index

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  • ISBN :9780802414618
  • Format :Hardback
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  • Page Count :624
  • Dimensions :157 x 231 x 41mm
  • Weight :930
  • Publication Date :02/08/2016
  • Publisher :Moody Publishers
  • Author :John F MacArthur

Description :Among the most helpful features of the MacArthur New Testament Commentary set are the indexes in the back of each book. This practical resource combines all indexes of the 33-volume set into one convenient location. If you want to know where MacArthur discusses a certain Greek word, Bible verse, or biblical-theological subject--across his whole set of commentaries--you can find out in just the turn of a page, and then begin your in-depth study from there. The MacArthur New Testament Commentary is for anyone who wants to dig deeper into God's Word, and this resource is a welcomed tool for that worthy endeavor.