An Extraordinary Journey From A Childhood Plagued By Insanity To A Crazy Dream of Planting 100,000 churches
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  • ISBN :9780980471007
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Publisher :Miscellaneous
  • Author :Jossy Chacko

Description :With great sincerity and openness, Jossy Chacko describes his journey from a childhood home on a nameless dirt street, plagued by his father's madness and ridiculed by teachers and friends, to building an international ministry with an extraordinary goal: the planting of 100,000 churches in one of the world's most unreached regions to bring about social and spiritual transformation. Be challenged by the plight of the lost and unreached as you read about people like Rao, who whipped himself until blood flowed. Hungry for forgiveness of sins, he collected the blood in a bowl and offered it to his god. Learn some of the powerful eastern principles Jossy received from his grandfather. Be inspired by mighty miracles. Be moved by confronting stories from the streets, slums and villages of Asia. It's a tale of wealth and madness, bondage and spiritual power, life-shaping wisdom and God's remarkable love. This book will open a whole new world that you've never seen before, and introduce opportunities and strategies to help you make a significant difference - both now and for eternity.