Man of Purpose

100 Devotions for the Aspiring Life
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  • ISBN :9781643529486
  • Format :Hardback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :208
  • Dimensions :182 x 128 x 16 mm
  • Publication Date :9 Aug 2021
  • Publisher :Barbour Publishing, Inc. (Shiloh Run Press)
  • Author :Josh Mosey

Description :Men, the world needs you.

Celebrate true masculinity with

Man of Purpose Devotions.

Masculinity has come under fire in recent years, but the world needs Christian men like never before. Man of Purpose: 100 Devotions for the Aspiring Life celebrates manhood, the kind that honors God, loves and supports others, and makes a positive difference in our world.

Each reading centers on a needful biblical character quality, encouraging readers to be the man—the man who

-helps the needy

-prays without ceasing

-respects women

-gives cheerfully

-anticipates Jesus return

Youll be challenged and encouraged to fill your God-given role in your home, your workplace, your community, and your world.