Manhood (Chinese)

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  • ISBN :8329789811877
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Author :Chan Kei Thong

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本书旨在指引男人一条出路,协助他们脱离 “困境”,活出丰盛的人生,而不是对男人贴标签、提要求,批评他们哪里做得不好。




  • 世界需要‘原创的男人’
  • 缺席父亲带来的创伤
  • ‘妈宝男’所经历的创伤
  • 男人全面发展的人生
  • 男人缺陷的根本源头
  • 男人和妻子、儿子和女儿的关系
  • 男人需要‘教练’的陪伴
  • 男人一生中的各个季节



What kind of man is considered a real man? Tall? Mighty? Handsome? Perhaps these are the standards for many people today.

This book serves to provide men with a way out, and to help them break away from their “predicament” so that they can live out fulfilling lives. It is not to stick labels onto men, or to request or criticise what they are doing wrongly. 

Dr Thong Chan Kei’s main discussion topic is both directed and practical. These views inspire the reader to self-reflect and think about the influences of their parenting styles, family circumstances, and personal behaviour. 

So what does the Bible say about men? 

This book combines the wisdom of the Bible and exploration by the readers through these:

  • The world needs an “original man”

  • The trauma brought by an absent father

  • The trauma experienced by a “mummy’s boy”

  • A holistic development of a man’s life

  • The source of a man’s shortcomings

  • The relationships between a man and his wife, and his children

  • A man requires a “coach” as a companion

  • The various seasons of a man’s life

In Manhood, Dr Thong encourages readers through his practical suggestions, humour and hope-filled writing, where he tells us that regardless of our imperfections, men can still live out a life full of meaning and vision. No matter which season of life you are in, Dr Thong hopes that you can enjoy a fulfilling life!