Me I Want To Be, The (DVD)

Becoming God's Best Version of You
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  • ISBN :9780310320784
  • Format :DVD
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Run Time :70
  • Publisher :Zondervan (HarperCollins Publishers)
  • Author :John Ortberg

Description :In this five-session small group Bible study DVD, The Me I Want to Be, John Ortberg reveals how you can become the unique, fully alive person God intended you to be.

There is a me each of one of us wants to be…someone who’s more kind and generous, patient, and loving. But there is a gap between the me I am and the me I want to be. Oftentimes we find it easy to trust God to bridge the gap between and us and him, but we struggle to really live by grace and trust God to close the gap between the me I am and the me I want to be. Becoming God’s best version of you is both God’s desire and the greatest task of your life. And here’s the good news…he’s already working on it. Your life is God’s project, not yours.

The Me I Want to Be small group Bible study is a powerful look at becoming the unique, fully alive, flourishing person God intended. Pastor and author John Ortberg teaches through fives sessions how you can move toward becoming God’s best version of you in four specific areas: your mind, your time, your relationships, and your experiences.

Spiritual growth can seem difficult or intimidating, but John Ortberg’s humor and innovative thinking in The Me I Want to Be will leave you challenged, inspired, and hopeful about true spiritual growth happening in you and your small group.

This DVD is designed for use together with The Me I Want to Be Participant Guide (sold separately) and features live teaching sessions from John Ortberg. When used together they provide you with a practical tool than can transform your faith.

Sessions include:

1. Discovering the Spirit

2. Renewing My Mind

3. Redeeming My Time

4. Deepening My Relationships

5. Transforming My Experience