Men on Fire

Restoring the Forces That Forge Noble Manhood

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  • ISBN :9780801007163
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  • Page Count :192
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  • Publication Date :1/7/20
  • Publisher :Baker Publishing Group
  • Author :Stephen Mansfield

Description :

Men are in crisis. From every direction, they are presented with a deformed masculinity. One that sees women as conquests rather than partners. One that values success at work over success at home. One that hinders true and open friendships with other men who hold them up and hold them accountable. One that presents them as either the bumbling, disconnected dad in sitcoms or the predator in movies and video games (and the news).

Men were made for more than this.

Its time to rekindle the fire living inside of men and awaken them to the value of valiant, righteous manhood. Through inspiring stories and hard-hitting biblical truths, Stephen Mansfield uncovers the seven fires that ought to burn in a mans soul--the fires of destiny, heritage, friendship, love, battle, legacy, and God. This raw guide to the restoration of a noble, honorable manhood will challenge men of every generation to live well, invest in others, and leave a powerful legacy.

Being a man isnt about the illusions mass media presents to us as the way we all should live our lives. Stephen Mansfield is going to make this clear . . . and hes going to call you to be the man you are meant to be.--from the foreword by Scott Hamilton, four-time national and world champion and Olympic gold medalist figure skater

A brilliant and absolutely essential book! Mansfields prose cuts through the cultural darkness like a lighthouse shining across a storm-tossed sea.--Brad Thor, #1 New York Times bestselling author