Mentoring Paradigms

Reflections on Mentoring, Leadership and Discipleship

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  • ISBN :9789810813369
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Publisher :Allon Distribution Pte Ltd
  • Author :Edmund Chan

Description :

Being in Christian ministry for so many years, Rev. Edmund Chan has earned a reputation of being a skilled bible expositor and preacher, devoted to biblical discipleship and mentoring future generations of biblical leaders.

This book is somewhat like a culmination of all those years of experience fueled in the crucible of ministry. Organized in 30 succinct chapters, Edmund Chan brings us through a journey of Christian discipleship based on keen biblical reflection and wisdom.

From the inner life and one's core values to leadership competence and team ministry, Mentoring Paradigms is a brilliantly written book that makes an excellent addition to your shelf - whether you're a seasoned leader, aspiring bible teacher, pastor or seminarian.

"This is vintage Edmund Chan!" - Rev. Benny Ho, Faith Community Church, Perth, Australia

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