New Evidence That Demands A Verdict 新铁证待判-Chinese

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  • Author :Josh McDowell

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1. 近二十年间的考古学重要新发现及文献;

2. 历史耶稣新论证;

3. 本书新增第四部分:探讨真理的本质;回应各类新兴之主义,包括后现代主义、神秘主义、不可知论等。



Facing the challenges of opponents throughout the ages, Christianity still stands today. In the final analysis, the God of Christianity is the living and true God; confidence to respond.

 The author McDowell used to be an opponent of Christianity, and traveled all over the world to collect information and conduct research in order to overthrow Christianity. In the end, facing the irrefutable evidence of the Christian faith, the author turned his back on the true God and wrote the masterpiece of Christian apologetics "Irrefutable Evidence". In response to the challenges of the new century and the needs of modern people, this book adds a new argument for modern Christian apologetics, and it is named "New Iron Evidence Pending Judgment". The new content is as follows:

1. Important new archaeological discoveries and documents in the past two decades;

2. New arguments for the historical Jesus;

3. The fourth part of this book is added: exploring the nature of truth; responding to various emerging doctrines, including postmodernism, mysticism, agnosticism, etc.

In the spirit of rigorous academic research, with specific evidence and the testimony of some well-known Chinese and foreign church figures in modern times, the credibility of Christianity is re-presented to readers. "New Convincing Evidence" is different from the old ones, and it is more appropriate and effective in helping people remove obstacles to believing in the Gospel.

This is the most complete and distinguished collection of essays on Christian apologetics in recent decades. The book provides a lot of evidence to prove that the Bible is reliable, and the records about Jesus, his miracles and his resurrection are all true. In the past 25 years, this book has had an indelible influence on leading Chinese people all over the world to believe in the Lord.