New Strong-Willed Child, The

2005 Gold Medallion Award Finalist!A Completely Revised And Rewritten Guide Taking You From Birth Through Adolescence
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  • ISBN :9781414391342
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :262
  • Publication Date :21-Nov-17
  • Publisher :Tyndale House Publishers
  • Author :James Dobson

Description :Is a willful little darling driving you to distraction? The New Strong-Willed Child is the resource you need--a classic bestseller completely rewritten, updated, and expanded for a new generation of parents and teachers. Challenging as they are to raise, strong-willed children can grow up to be men and women of strong character--if lovingly guided with understanding and the right kind of discipline. Find out what Dr. James Dobson, today's most trusted authority on parenting, has to say about what makes strong-willed children the way they are; shaping the will while protecting the spirit; avoiding the most common parenting mistake; and much more. If you are struggling to raise and teach children who are convinced they should be able to live by their own rules, The New Strong-Willed Child is a must-read! (This new edition is part of Dr. James Dobson's Building A Family Legacy initiative.)