NIV, KJV, NASB, Amplified, Classic Comparative Parallel Bible

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  • ISBN :9780310436768
  • Format :Hardback
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  • Page Count :3168
  • Publication Date :10-Jan-12
  • Publisher :Zondervan (HarperCollins Publishers)

Description :Bring new meaning to your Bible study. When you don't want to lose anything in the translation, the Classic Comparative Parallel Bible is a tool that lets you explore all the rich nuances of meaning in the Bible's text without having to learn the original Biblical languages. It sets four popular versions side-by-side for you to compare and contrast: the authenticity and accessibility of the New International Version; the iconic grandeur of the King James Version; the structural insights of the New American Standard Bible; and the explanatory alternate readings of the Amplified(R) Bible. Passages and verses from these versions are aligned in parallel columns for easy comparison and study. A valuable resource for gaining insight into Scriptural truths, the Classic Comparative Parallel Bible helps you compare four Bible versions at a glance.


- Each two-page spread contains a complete Scripture portion from these versions:

o New International Version

o King James Version

o New American Standard Bible

o Amplified Bible

- Double-column format

- 7.7-point type