Nurturing The Leader Within Your Child

What every parent needs to know
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  • ISBN :9789810519261
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :226
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  • Publication Date :01-Jan-2005
  • Publisher :Thomas Nelson Publishers(HarperCollins Publishers)
  • Author :Tim Elmore

Description :

This book is written for parents who desire to unleash the yet-undiscovered leaders in their children. In Nurturing the Leader Within Your Child, Tim Elmore lays out a blueprint for helping your child discover his or her leadership potential, regardless of personality trait or style.

Not only does he effectively dispel the myth that leaders are born and not developed, but he also provides parents with a practical approach to fostering the character and qualities of a leader ion their children.

Informative, challenging, and oftentimes humorous, this work explore mentoring the basic types of children—and provides real-life insights on how to help each one reach their full potential. Whether you have a driver, a diplomat, or a dreamer, you need to give your child permission to dream big and dream right.

With a foreword written by leadership expert John C. Maxwell, Nurturing the Leader Within Your Child provides the tools for parents who want more than average for their children and who seek to inspire the pursuit of a vision larger than they are.