A Place Called Heaven for Kids

10 Exciting Things about Our Forever Home

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  • ISBN :9780801094286
  • Format :Hardback
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  • Page Count :32
  • Dimensions :210 x 210 x 8 mm
  • Weight :265 gm
  • Publication Date :3 Sep 2019
  • Publisher :Baker Publishing Group
  • Author :Robert Jeffress

Description :

Children ask a lot of questions. When a death occurs in their family or circle of friends, those questions inevitably turn toward heaven. Is heaven real? Where is it? What will we do there? How do we get there? And more. Parents and grandparents often find themselves at a loss to explain a place that they suddenly may realize they dont know much about either.

Colorfully illustrated and using simple concepts and language that children ages 4-7 can understand, A Place Called Heaven for Kids provides answers to 10 of these common questions. In doing so, it gives children peace of mind about their lost loved one as well as a comforting, biblical picture of their forever home. For parents, grandparents, and caregivers, it offers a positive, constructive way to grieve, hope, and grow with the children in their lives.