"In a functional family, this attitude of the value of helping others serves as the oil that lubricates the wheels of family life. Without it, the wheels run down, and family life stalls. With it, a family flourishes within a climate that is created by acts of service - the service of love.    —  The Family You've Always Wanted, Gary Chapman
Families are central to God’s plan for His children. They are the fundamental building block of strong societies and human culture. Throughout the bible, family is revealed as the God-ordained human institution supplying security, identity, heritage, connection, continuity, and closeness for people. It gives all a sense of identity and roots. God desires the home and the family to be special. Family matters!

God is interested in the spirit and soul of each individual in the family. It is within family relationships that He is building character and personality. The kind of character development that happens in the soul is His primary interest and purpose. In his book, Restoring the Christian Family, John L Sandford point families to the heart of the issues to help build a safe, happy, healthy family relationships in today's world to fulfill God's sovereign purpose for families.

Family Matters

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