The writers are struggling to find illustrations that describe what the disciples saw. Staring at Jesus was like trying to look directly into the sun. He was totally engulfed by a brightness, radiating from within, that was blinding in its brilliance. These disciples caught a glimpse of Jesus in all His Heavenly Glory, the same glory Jesus later said the world will someday see at His second coming.

In this book, Charles Dyer takes us on a thirty-day spiritual journey through the holy land, walking alongside the Savior, to experience what the two disciples experienced on the roadway to Emmaus, "Were not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us on the road." Luke 24:32.

As we journey in the footsteps of Jesus and the conflict He faced, we will learn that even the Son of God put Himself under the authority of others, shouldn't we be willing to do the same? Why Jesus grew up in the village of Nazareth when it was so secluded and remote? How He was protected against the political plotting of those in power threatened by any potential rival? What it would have been like for Jesus to spend forty days and nights in the wilderness? Why it would have been wrong for Jesus to use His power to make food for Himself during His days in the wilderness? Discover the life of Jesus to transform our lives.

An Equipping Series: HIGHER GROUND

Higher Ground: Footsteps Of Jesus

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