"Walk by the Spirit . . . led by the Spirit . . . live by the Spirit . . . keep in step with the Spirit", how can we cultivate and live by the fruit of the Spirit? The fruit of the Spirit is grounded in the character and purpose of the triune God and portrays love as the fountain of the different virtues. Bishop Robert Solomon wrote, "It is important we keep our eyes on Jesus as we examine each virtue of the fruit because the fruit of the Spirit really has to do with the character of Jesus. The fruit is the result of the operation of the Holy Spirit within us, which requires our cooperation and spiritual discipline."

For the fruit of the Spirit to be well understood, we must recognise its Trinitarian roots — it has to do with the Father's eternal purpose, the character of the Son of God, and the ministry and power of the indwelling Holy Spirit.  —  The Virtuous Life, Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit

The fruit is the evidence that a tree has life within it — the buds, the leaves, and then the fruit. Where there is fruit, there is life. For believers or church to be truly alive, look for the love in them. Where there is love, there is life. When believers truly put love into practice, it is evidence that the life of God is present among them and in them.

A life that is cut off from the life-giving Spirit of God and the enabling grace of God will produce works of the flesh rather than the fruit of the Spirit.

Fruit Of The Spirit

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