Hope isn't just a feeling we search for; it's something we grab hold of and bring into every situations in our lives. It's also important for us to realize that both hope and hopelessness are contagious. We get to decide what we want to release to those around us.  — HOPE In Any Crisis

HOPE is a joyful anticipation of good; a confidence for a better future. Many people try to function with an optimistic attitude about the future without any real basis for the good expectations. We might give the appearance of being hopeful but in reality are living in denial. If our self-made reasons for hope are insufficient to survive the circumstance, our hope is really wishful thinking and not anchored in that which is both unmovable and indestructible. True biblical hope is different.

God is infinite in all His attributes. We, who put our trust in Him, have solid assurance of His goodness toward us for the future. Our God of hope has unlimited power; clear purposes and a big plan. We are blessed with God's promises to inspire us to hope through His Word and direct statements; psalms in troubled times; scriptural promises; familiar stories in the Bible and through our prayers and meditations.

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