"A word from the heart can travel farther than you think."    - Gary Gibson

Remember a time when you've thrown a pebble in a pool of calm water, what happens? One by one, ring-shaped wavelets move outward from the center, creating an impact far beyond the initial point of contact.
First Ripple Scenario: Matthew touched and impacted John's life with his conviction and faith in God that had somehow impressed and stayed with John through a passage of time. Through Matthew's sharing of his faith, John found God and committed his life to Him.
Second Ripple Scenario: John shared the good news with his loved ones and they wound up getting saved; "Be the first domino of faith that changed the eternal destiny of those around you.". 
When we make ourselves available to tell others about what Jesus has done for us, lives change...and changed lives change lives. The effect we have on other people, is in turn passed on to others, much as the ripples in the pool of calm water go on and on.

The Rippling Effect

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