This is why truth is so powerful. It allows us to cooperate with reality, whether spiritual or physical, and tap into its power. As we learn to think correctly about God, specific scriptural teachings, the soul, or other important aspects of a Christian worldview, we are placed in touch with God and those realities.  —  The Unshakable Truth
True faith begins with knowledge; it is only when we understand something of the world around us, and something of the conscience residing inside us, that it is possible to begin to arrive at an informed opinion about how those things came to be. Faith commences with the conviction of the mind based on adequate evidence.

The Bible is always equated with truth and it teaches that man can know the truth. We must be grounded in the essentials of our faith to have a greater understanding of what we believe, why we believe it and how it brings us a deeper sense of being and joy in life.

Truth Convicts

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