Psalm 91 for Teens

God's Shield of Protection for Your Future
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  • ISBN :9781629982274
  • Format :Hardback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :208
  • Publication Date :20-Nov-15
  • Publisher :Charisma Media
  • Author :Peggy Joyce Ruth

Description :Today's teenagers are living in dangerous and uncertain days. Where schools were once safe havens for learning, they are now rife with violence and moral decline. Young people are witnessing the instability of governments and economies, all the while wondering how to have confidence in the future.

Psalm 91 for Teens is the greatest gift you can give to equip the next generation to meet these challenges. This book will give teenagers--and those who love them--refuge and hope in this covenant promise from God. This psalm describes the physical protection, safety, and security that can be found by trusting God when faced with life-altering decisions or an uncertain future.

Powerful Topics include: Accessing God's shelter in times of dangerProtection from evils over which we have no controlIntervention of God's angels on your behalfTeaching young people to call on God for protection