Radical Discipleship-Chinese Simplified

五大关键问题 Five Defining Questions

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  • Author :Edmund Chan

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我们传讲的福音使门徒训练成了一个选项。 要上天堂不一定要成为门徒,况且,上天堂根本不需要你在地上做什么。 若将来一进入天堂,你就立刻成为一个全新的人,那么又何必辛辛苦苦在地上做这件事呢? 这也是曾金发写这本书的原因。 曾金发提出五大直指人心的问题,并提出答案,给缺少门徒的基督教提供了解决问题的方法。 问题的根源在哪?这本书提供了答案,我希望你的心被它鼓励,你的双手被它坚固。 The call to discipleship is a call to live an extraordinary life - an extraordinary life that is rooted in an intimate relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.When Peter and John stood on trial for preaching the Gospel, the crowds were taken by their boldness. Two ordinary men with no formal education, spoke confidently in front of men of authority. What distinguished them was that "they had been with Jesus." Acts 4:13.Come join Pastor Edmund Chan in the grand adventure of walking with Jesus and changing our world.