Road Warrior

How To Keep Your Faith, Relationships, And Integrity When Away From Home
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  • ISBN :9781400073719
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :192
  • Publication Date :19-Feb-08
  • Publisher :Penguin Random House LLC, US
  • Author :Stephen Arterburn

Description :Are you more and more disconnected from your real life? Isolated? Forced to face a battle with the lonely road? Business travel has become more costly than ever-and not just financially. The mental and emotional pricetags bring you and your family under attack, threatening to distance you in more than mere miles. And ultimately, a full travel schedule can set your integrity on a crash course with certain defeat. What you need is a road map to guide you through and prepare you for your journey. This book delivers a unique plan to help you keep your job, your family, and your personal life from drifting off course. With fresh perspective, you can: -rediscover the balance to working away from home

-overcome burnout to strengthen your defenses

-recapture essential relationships

-and escape the travel treadmill to re-engage with real life