Say To Archippus

Awakening the Saints to Know and Fulfil their God-given Kingdom Assignments
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  • ISBN :9789810954956
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :D2
  • Publisher :Archippus Awakening
  • Author :Henson Lim

Description :Say to Archippus is written for the Body of Christ but appeals directly and personally to the individual. It is the sounding of a clarion call for all to be awakened, aligned and assigned. To aid the reader in his/her own processing, questions have been added after each chapter for personal reflection or discussion at group level.

Through 12 chapters, Henson writes as he would speak – candidly and straight from the heart, yet with no less passion and urgency. Henson explores images and terms familiar to Christians, expounds with Scriptural authority and explains with the hope of awakening the saints to know and fulfil their God-given kingdom assignments.

• Introduction: God Gets My Attention … Again

• Chapter 1: Another Awakening

• Chapter 2: Say to Archippus

• Chapter 3: The Archippian Charge

• Chapter 4: Enough Horsing Around

• Chapter 5: Awakening a Sleeping Army

• Chapter 6: The Kingdom Keeps Advancing

• Chapter 7: From AA to AO

• Chapter 8: Tour of Duty

• Chapter 9: Running the Race

• Chapter 10: No Apologies: There’s Work to be Done

• Chapter 11: Works: Evidence of Salvation

• Chapter 12: Awakened. Aligned. Assigned.

• A Not-So-Final Word: The Journey Begins