Screwtape Letters-Chinese 大榔头写给小蠹木的煽情书


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  • ISBN :9787542647054
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Publisher :Shanghai Heavenly Stairways Bookstore Co Ltd
  • Author :C S Lewis

Description :

这本书是C. S. 路易斯受欧美读者瞩目的第一本畅销书,出版于1942年。这本书的体裁是书信体小说,最初的内容连载于报刊,后集结成书。

这本书由大魔头(大榔头)写给小鬼使(小蠹木)的31封信构成,信中大榔头传授小蠹木如何成功虏获一位伦敦的年轻人的灵魂。大榔头指导小蠹木,在年轻人面对战争阴云、择偶、婚姻等种种压力时,多方攻击他,引诱他离弃正道而走上罪恶之路。以大魔头的口吻,书中反讽地展现出一个是非、善恶颠倒的世界,处处折射出C. S. 路易斯对人性的洞察和对当时种种时代思潮的批判。

This book was published in 1942 and was the first best-selling book by CS Lewis that attracted the attention of European and American readers. The genre of this book is an epistolary novel, and the original content was serialized in newspapers and periodicals, and later assembled into a book.

The book consists of 31 letters written by the Great Demon (Big Hammer) to the Imp (Backwood), in which Big Hammer teaches how the Bumblebee managed to capture the soul of a young man in London. The big hammer guides the little beetle, and when the young man is facing various pressures such as war, mate selection, and marriage, he attacks him in many ways and lures him to abandon the righteous path and take the path of evil. With the tone of a big devil, the book ironically presents a world where right and wrong, good and evil are reversed, reflecting CS Lewis' insight into human nature and criticism of various trends of the times at that time.