Sexual Intimacy in Marriage-3rd Edition *

Revised and Expanded
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  • ISBN :9780825424373
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :344
  • Publication Date :30-May-07
  • Publisher :Kregel Publications
  • Author :William R Cutrer

Description :Every couple has those questions they don't know how or whom to ask! Sexual Intimacy in Marriage discusses the basics, like the definition of marriage, and the not-so-basic topics, such as achieving sexual pleasure and biblically "OK" sexual activity. This highly acclaimed, medically and biblically accurate book covers all the bases about sex in marriage with a sensitivity and frankness that every couple will appreciate.

"[Sexual Intimacy in Marriage] addresses real people in a real world without compromising God's wonderful design and purpose for his gift of sex." Third edition.