Shaped By God

Words for Life
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  • ISBN :9789811188732
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :133
  • Publication Date :1-Jan-18
  • Publisher :Cru Asia Ltd
  • Author :Judy Douglass

Description :Judy Douglass invites you to read how God has shaped her life—word by word. She thinks you will be glad you did.

Life can be complicated and relentless. Day after day new activities, challenges and opportunities arise. In the midst of all that, how can a person intentionally develop and become better and stronger?

She found a secret that has worked for her—and it will work for you also. It is not a multi-step plan or a 50-word statement. It is just one word. One at a time, God has used words to shape Judy’s life to be more like Jesus. He can do the same for you.

“Recently a frantic email came from a friend in crisis;

Please, I need prayer now. It was so easy to stop right then and go to God on her behalf.

And sometimes I get to connect people to God, for eternity. After I shared my story of meeting and walking with Jesus at a tea for international students, a young woman approached me. She was from a country where very few seem open to Christ. I want what you talked about. I want to know Jesus. We talked and prayed and she met her Lord.

What a privilege! My primary gift is to encourage God’s children to trust Him, and each time He enables me to make a connection to meet a need, people are encouraged.”

– Judy Douglass

About the Author

Judy Douglass is a writer, speaker, encourager, and advocate. She loves to encourage God’s children—especially His daughters—to be and do all God created them for. She partners with her husband, Steve, to lead Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ globally, is the author of four books and speaks all over the world. Known for her “realness,” Judy writes at She is active on Facebook and you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @jeedoo417. She has three children and nine grandchildren.