Shattered Dreams-Chinese 破碎的梦


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  • ISBN :9787552702293
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Weight :313 gm
  • Publisher :Shanghai Heavenly Stairways Bookstore Co Ltd
  • Author :Larry Crabb

Description :


You don’t have to pretend everything is fine when your reality and inner feelings are not; you don’t have to pretend that your relationships are fine when your family or workplace interactions are not. There is no need to pretend that the pain of the past is in the past when the struggle and confusion don't disappear so quickly. The first step in life change lies in the courage to face your heart. We must face what lies behind the whitewashed exterior. We cannot truly grow without looking at ourselves. Of course, it is painful to be honest about the truths we want to deny. But for those who are willing to face their inner longings and struggles sincerely, and who are willing to look new from the inside out, "Broken Dreams: Discovering the Unexpected Way to Joy" will definitely make you unable to put it down. The author will take you who dare to meet the challenge, go through a arduous and strange journey of inner exploration, and perform a major surgery for your heart. Although the change of life is a gradual and slow process, there is no doubt that you have embarked on a new and living path that can bear the fruit of abundant life.