Spiritual Disciplines Companion

Bible Studies and Practices to Transform Your Soul
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  • ISBN :9780830835232
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :315
  • Publication Date :1-Feb-09
  • Publisher :InterVarsity Press (US)
  • Author :Jan Johnson

Description :Spiritual disciplines connect us to the God who wants to transform our souls. We discover these time-tested practices in the Bible as we look at the everyday ways Jesus related to God. These companion studies and exercises will help you to explore sixteen core practices. Three segments on each practice (a total of forty-eight sessions) allow space to go beyond superficial understanding and to begin to live in a new way. Jan Johnson, a seasoned writer in both the areas of spiritual formation and Bible study, has created a unique mix of inductive Bible study, guided meditation and transformational exercises spanning all the styles of learning and offering something for everyone. You can use this book effectively on your own or with a group. Discover what it means to live in the grace and light of God's transforming presence. Also available: The Spiritual Disciplines Bible Studies series of eight titles offers these studies in six-week guides with notes for leaders included. Explore silenceservicesecrecyprayerlisteningBible studyScripture meditationcommunitysubmissionreflectionconfessionfastingsimplicityworshipcelebration