Steady Strength: Reverse Ministry Dangerous Drift

Reversing Ministry's Dangerous Drift Toward Depletion

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  • ISBN :9780802431615
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :224
  • Weight :259 gm
  • Publication Date :7 Nov 2023
  • Publisher :Moody Publishers
  • Author :Cary Schmidt

Description :

Ministry in modern society presents a perpetual assault on the pastor's soul. Culture has changed, and the challenges of ministry have changed with it. Many new pastors are discovering that they're ill-equipped to manage unexpected, soul-health tensions of ministry. Some are walking away, and others are choosing to not enter the pastorate despite a sense of God's calling.

Cary Schmidt shares a fresh approach to cultivating emotional health for a lifetime in ministry. Infuse your weary pastoral soul with renewed health, consistent joy, and true flourishing.

The heart of Steady Strength is to bring vitality and renewed passion to perplexed and weary servants. Schmidt explores how tensions on the modern pastor can be navigated in three compelling ways:

  • Reckoning with the realities of an unusual call.
  • Cultivating health in unique ways.
  • Nurturing a robust, gospel-culture in ministry.

Far from a mournful, complaining manifesto of the negative burdens of the pastor's life, this book is a celebration of the wonderful and joyful opportunity to shepherd God's people. In this three-part book, Cary Schmidt unfolds a workable approach to sustained, joyful pastoral health.