Success and the Christian

The Cost of Spiritual Maturity
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  • ISBN :9780802418418
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :160
  • Publication Date :15-Nov-17
  • Publisher :Moody Publishers
  • Author :A W Tozer

Description :Success and the Christian is a compilation of A.W. Tozer sermons on the subject matter of spiritual maturity_x0097_both its cost and criteria for the believer.The overall purpose of this collection is to "promote the personal heart religion"' among God's people, something Tozer consistently emphasized. Knowing God deeply and intimately brings purpose and meaning to life and should be the Christian's highest goal. So what holds us back from authentic spiritual success? A.W. Tozer contends that it is the excess baggage that most Christians carry that prevents them from going further with God.In this insightful and prophetic book, Tozer shows how we can recognize and clear away the stumbling blocks that keep us from a dynamic relationship with our Savior.