The Enduring Word

The Authority and Reliability of the Bible

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  • ISBN :9789814305464
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :224
  • Publication Date :8 Jul 2011
  • Publisher :Armour Publishing Pte Ltd
  • Author :Robert M Solomon

Description :

The Bible is the most important book in the world because it is God's Word. But its authority and reliability have been questioned by some who point out that we do not have the original manuscripts today. We only have copies of the manuscripts and there are thousands of variations in these copies, which also contain copyist errors. To add to that, so many different versions of the Bible are used today. How then can we be confident that what we read in the Bible today is indeed the Word of God?

The Enduring Word sheds light on these and other questions by demystifying issues such as the canon, biblical manuscripts, textual variations, base texts and Bible translation. Discover how the Bible was written thousands of years ago, compiled to form the Bible as we now know it and preserved till today in various translations and versions. Written in a thought-provoking yet easy-tounderstand manner, the book aims to inform readers and strengthen their confidence in the authority and reliability of the Bible. Be enlightened about the Word of God and be inspired to read it seriously and obey it wholly.