Eternal Throne D1

Learning To Live Like Daniel In A Babylon World

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  • ISBN :9789814863551
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :D1
  • Page Count :248
  • Dimensions :229 x 153 x 16 mm
  • Publication Date :22 Oct 2020
  • Publisher :Armour Publishing Pte Ltd
  • Author :Robert M Solomon

Description :

Many Christians find the Book of Daniel tough to interpret and comprehend. There are differing opinions among scholars regarding who wrote it and when. Beyond these questions are issues on the interpretation and application of the contents of Daniel.

The Eternal Throne, written by respected and trusted Bible teacher Bishop Robert Solomon, aims to address these matters. He deftly uses his scholarship and pastoral skills to bring the Book of Daniel alive for our times, as he explains the six stories and four visions in it and makes practical applications we can use for our daily lives.

Through it all, the key message is the sovereignty of God who rules over all powers on earth and our faith in and faithfulness to Him. All the lessons point to Christ, whose heavenly kingdom will outlast all other kingdoms.