The Five Love Languages (Chinese) 爱的五种语言

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  • ISBN :9787210103455
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  • Publication Date :1 Jan 2000
  • Publisher :Miscellaneous
  • Author :Gary Chapman

Description :


  • 肯定的言词
  • 精心的时刻
  • 接受礼物
  • 服务的行动
  • 身体的接触

Everyone has the need to love and be loved, and has an emotional love box, but different people use different languages to express and receive love, so this love box often cannot be filled. 

Dr. Chapman found people basically have five languages of love:
  • Positive words
  • Elaborate moment
  • Accept gifts
  • Service action
  • Physical contact
Many misunderstandings, estrangements, and quarrels between the sexes are caused by not understanding or ignoring each other’s main love language. When both spouses actively choose to use each other’s main love language, they can develop a good relationship with each other.
Close relationships, and actively deal with conflicts and failures in marriage.

This book will lead readers to overcome the myths and barriers of communication between the sexes, fill the love box of themselves and their partners, and begin an internal transformation of marriage.