The 'Girl' Entrepreneurs 3

  • ISBN :9789789812721
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :NETT
  • Page Count :234
  • Dimensions :229 x 152 x 12 mm
  • Publication Date :24 Jul 2021
  • Publisher :Ingram International Inc.
  • Author :Ibukun Awosika

Description :In my 30-year journey as an entrepreneur, I have realised how impactful it is to learn from the experience of other people, as a guide to build a successful business.

In this book I have sought to celebrate women who have, despite all the challenges of our environment, actively worked to build a successful enterprise in Nigeria.

This book will take you on the journey of these women; you will learn about their motivations, setbacks, and strategies they have adopted to build enduring legacies. They reveal information about their backgrounds, start-up stages, growth patterns, how they scaled up their businesses, the impact of the choice of a spouse on their businesses, work life balance, spirituality, and their plans for the future.

My goal in creating this compendium, is to use the stories and experiences of these women as a tool to challenge, inspire and encourage other women and men to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and opportunities. This will in turn create value for their families, whilst contributing to the building of our economy as a nation.