The Reformation

The Thoughts, Lives and Legacy of the Reformers 

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  • ISBN :9789811868641
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :296
  • Dimensions :152 x 229 mm
  • Publication Date :1 May 2023
  • Publisher :Cru Asia Ltd
  • Author :Robert M Solomon

Description :

The Reformation in 16th century Europe is a unique story of major social upheaval, fascinating characters, fierce debates, and devastating conflict. It is also a story that has the hidden hand of God, helping the church to return to His Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ, and a deeper understanding and experience of His grace and salvation. Here is a story filled with the guiding hand of God, the nobility and frailty of human nature, and the continuing legacy of events that took place 500 years ago. We will see how they shaped subsequent world history and still deeply affect us today, both positively and negatively.

“In The Reformation, Robert Solomon provides us with what is surely one of the best popular surveys of the Reformation era available in English. One can see that Robert Solomon, who has also led excursions to the lands of Reformation Europe, is an apt judge of what the inquisitive reader needs to know in surveying this era.”
~ Dr Kenneth J Stewart
Emeritus Professor of Theological Studies,
Covenant College
Lookout Mountain, Georgia, USA

“Carefully researched and full of rich detail, the book also includes helpful visual illustrations. Any student of Church History would find this book immensely helpful and I unhesitatingly recommend it.”
~ Rev Dr Chiang Ming Shun
Lecturer in Church History and Associate Dean, Trinity Theological College Singapore

“The reader is led into an in-depth analysis of the religious, political and social background of the Reformation, and of the human interactions in 16th century Europe, with the insightful reflections of this well-read and scholarly Bishop.”
~ Bishop Emeritus
Dr Chong Chin Chung
Bishop Emeritus, The Methodist Church in Singapore

About the Author

Bishop Emeritus Robert Solomon was bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore from 2000 to 2012. He has previously served as a medical doctor, church pastor, principal of Trinity Theological College and president of the National Council of Churches of Singapore. Dr Solomon has degrees in medicine, theology, intercultural studies, and a PhD in pastoral theology from the University of Edinburgh. With an active speaking and teaching ministry, he has authored more than 50 books on a wide range of topics.