The Right Choices Bible

Help Your Child Discover the key to Making Right Choices Today
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  • ISBN :9789810564186
  • Format :Paperback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :369
  • Publication Date :01-Jan-2007
  • Publisher :Cru Asia Ltd
  • Author :Josh McDowell

Description :Over 60 exciting stories featuring bible characters who made the right or wrong decisions, then lived with blessing or negative consequences. Delightfully retold to reflect Josh McDowell’s Right from Wrong campaign theme, these Bible stories will help you instill biblical values in your children – values that will lead to right choices.

Highlights of each Bible story:

• A box featuring the choice to be made at the beginning of each story

• Use of energetic, full-colored pictures to appeal to younger readers (fun feature of at least one hidden grasshopper in every story)

• A page at the end of each story to summarize the lesson learned, suggested activity for the family, a think-tank and prayer guide – all related to the theme of each story.