The Ten Commandments

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  • ISBN :9781912326105
  • Format :Hardback
  • Pricing Attribute :Normal
  • Page Count :317
  • Dimensions :233 x 152 x 20 mm
  • Publication Date :01/31/2020
  • Publisher :Miscellaneous
  • Author :J John

Description :Imagine a world where love guides every attitude and action. A community where people respect others. A place where God is recognised and respected.

God revealed the framework for life as it should be – simple statements for life that provide the foundations of our values and principles called the Ten Commandments. Sadly, society has moved from these absolute truths. How can we reclaim these timeless truths and apply them in our world today?

Based on the best-selling book Just10. The Ten Commandments are as relevant today as when first given.