Transferable Concepts 6-How You Can Introduce Others to Christ

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  • ISBN :9781563991066
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :64
  • Publication Date :1-May-02
  • Publisher :New Life Resources (USA)
  • Author :Bill Bright

Description :

Step-by-Step Help for Witnessing to Others. How can you bring the most happiness to this world? By having the privilege of introducing others to our Lord Jesus Christ.

How You Can Introduce Others to Christ explains how anyone can do just that. Drawing from more than fifty years of vibrant witnessing as a way of life, Dr. Bill Bright walks you through leading your friends, neighbors, or loved ones to Christ in a prayer of personal commitment. This practical evangelism method is based on the best-selling Four Spiritual Laws booklet, a simple tool that has helped bring millions to Christ. The booklet gives simple explanations for: Why Jesus wants us to witness; How we can witness more effectively; How to follow-up new believers; How to witness as a way of life... Discover easy-to-use conversation openers and practical steps to lead a nonbeliever to faith in Christ. Also learn how the Four Spiritual Laws was developed and read heartwarming stories of how God has used the booklet to bring people to Him.