Transformed: by the Renewing of Your Mind

A radical daily method of Bible Study

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  • ISBN :1932314008
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :155
  • Dimensions :157 x 226 x 23mm
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  • Publication Date :1/1/2003
  • Publisher :Miscellaneous
  • Author :Robert Shirock

Description :

Many books on Bible Study methods tell you how to look into God's word. The innovative method described here shows you how to become saturated with God's Word; it will renew your mind and transform your life.

Building upon the insights of great Bible teachers from the past -- James Gray, John G. Mitchell, D.L. Moody, G. Campbell Morgan -- Robert Shirock introduces you to Bible study method that takes you deep into the Word. He contends that we are failing at something very critical -- learning to let God's Word truly possess us.

If we ever hope to live the kind of life Jesus called us to live, something must change drastically in the way we handle our Bibles. Shirock challenges you to take up the Book and read it like you have never read it before.