Trash of Society

Setting Captives Free
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  • ISBN :9789811141690
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :272
  • Publication Date :1-Feb-18
  • Publisher :Jason Wong
  • Author :Jason Wong

Description :How does a shy timid boy become an ordinary man leading a not-so-ordinary life that has impacted thousands? Discover how the impossible becomes possible; the weak becomes strong; the captors of lives become captains of lives; how prisons, which used to keep people locked up, become prisons that set captives free; and prisoners who were “trash of society” become contributing citizens of a nation. If there are times when you feel you are a worthless nobody unable to live a meaningful and purposeful life, this book is especially for you. By the end of this book, you will see yourself and the world around you very differently. Be set free to be all God intended for you to be.


JASON WONG is known in Singapore as the founder of two national movements, the Yellow Ribbon Project in 2004 and the Dads for Life movement in 2009. He spent 24 years in the

public service helping prisoners, abused children and youths at risk. He is also involved in upstream preventive work championing fathering. He currently volunteers with Focus on the Family (Singapore) as its Board Chairman.