Wait with Me

Meeting God in Loneliness
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  • ISBN :9780830846689
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :176
  • Dimensions :214 x 140 x 16 mm
  • Publication Date :19/5/2020
  • Publisher :InterVarsity Press (US)
  • Author :Jason Gaboury

Description :To be human is to be lonely. When his seventy-something spiritual director Friar Ugo spoke these words in a voice cracking with age, Jason Gaboury felt a deep sense of their truth.

To the observer, Jason, a campus minister, active church member, and father with a young family, might not have seemed lonely. But it's how he felt. He has wrestled with loneliness ever since he can remember, perhaps before he can remember . . . through childhood, college, and into adulthood.

When Friar Ugo challenged him to see loneliness as a context for friendship with God, things began to change. In these pages God invites you to stop and wait with him in your own moments of isolation and anxiety. It's an invitation into a journey through loneliness into a deeper life with God.