What Does God Know And When Does He Know It?

The Current Controversy over Divine Foreknowledge
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  • ISBN :9780310273387
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  • Page Count :272
  • Publication Date :1-May-06
  • Publisher :Zondervan (HarperCollins Publishers)
  • Author :Millard J Erickson

Description :Does God know the future? Or is the future unknowable even to God?Arguing that God interacts with his creatures spontaneously, the controversial new movement known as 'open theism' has called classic church theology up for reexamination. Confronting this view, classic theists maintain that God has complete foreknowledge and that open-theist arguments are unorthodox. Each view has implications for our vision of the future and of God's dealings with humanity. Millard Erickson investigates the claims and counterclaims of both sides of the debate, looking at questions about prayer, the nature of evil, and the free will of human beings. He considers biblical and hermeneutical issues, the historical development of the doctrine of divine foreknowledge, philosophical influences, the doctrinal structure of the debate, and the practical implications for the church and believers today. What Does God Know and When Does He Know It? Is a thorough and fair examination of both sides of this debate that arrives at some thought-provoking conclusions.