Whispering In God's Ear

True Stories Inspiring Childlike Faith
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  • ISBN :9781578568994
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :262
  • Publication Date :16-Aug-05
  • Publisher :Penguin Random House LLC, US
  • Author :Wayne Holmes

Description :Glimpses of God Through the Eyes of Children

Children have spiritual truths to teach us-if only we will slow down long enough to listen. In these pages, speakers and authors such as Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, Phil Callaway, Gigi Graham, and Eugene Peterson share stories of simple faith and earnest prayers from their own childhoods as well as lessons learned from their children and grandchildren.

Inspiring and often humorous, "Whispering in God's Ear "reminds us that children seem to have a direct connection to heaven. Their unbounded trust reveals a belief in a heavenly Father who cares about every detail of their lives. Their prayers show a confidence in a powerful God whose reach extends to every corner of their world. And their wholehearted expressions of love reflect a joy that can come only from the Giver of life.

This poignant collection of stories offers insight into the lives of favorite authors while giving a glimpse of God's heart as seen through the eyes of the very young. Your spiritual life may never be the same after you encounter these little giants of faith.