Worship Workbook

Believers Experiencing God

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  • ISBN :9780767393782
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  • Publication Date :1-Jun-06
  • Publisher :LifeWay International
  • Author :Henry Blackaby

Description :

Nothing is higher on God's agenda for Himself and His people than true worship. To God worship is so vital that to fail to experience genuine worship is fatal. Yet it is possible to go through life thinking we have worshiped without ever having done so. Any study of worship is incomplete without life-action response.

This six-week interactive study presents a process where God brings you face-to-face with His truth, then guides you to an interaction with that truth. This study brings the pastor, staff, church leaders, and congregation to mutual conviction regarding what worship is as God has revealed it in His Word.

The purpose of this study is to help a church corporately come to unity of heart and life in their understanding and experience of God's requirements and standards for worship.

Week One: What God Did in Creation

Week Two: Why God is So Central in Worship

Week Three: What Is God's Standard for Acceptable Worship?

Week Four: The Lifestyle of a Transformed Worshiper

Week Five: Heaven's Pattern for Worship

Week Six: What Would Happen if We Returned to Worship?