Your Life...Well Spent

The Eternal Rewards of Investing Yourself and Your Money in Your Family
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  • ISBN :9780736982108
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Page Count :208
  • Dimensions :140x216x15.24mm
  • Publication Date :4 Feb 2020
  • Publisher :Harvest House Publishers
  • Author :Russ Crosson

Description :Money Matters for Eternity

When you think about money, you probably think about what it can do for you here, now, in this life. But did you know how you invest your money has an eternal impact?

Author Russ Crosson-executive vice president of Ronald Blue Trust and a highly respected financial advisor-offers a look at how to manage your money with eternity in view. You'll learn the difference between prosperity-the accumulation of goods on this earth, and posterity-the heritage left to the generations who follow you.

Discover a new way of thinking about money and how to get a higher return on life itself-as you learn how to

add posterity time to your busy schedule

best balance your career and family

invest in your children and grandchildren

include God in your financial planning

model a biblical attitude toward money for your children

You can make an eternal impact today when you learn to manage your money-and your life-well.