Beginner Inductive BS-Jesus Who Are You?

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  • ISBN :9780736978996
  • Format :Paperback
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  • Publisher :Harvest House Publishers
  • Author :Kay Arthur

Description :

A Beginner Inductive Bible Study on the Names of Jesus

From the authors and ministry of the bestselling Discover 4 Yourself Bible study series for kids (over 850,000 copies sold) comes an all-new study series for beginning readers ages 4-7. Each book is designed to help children build a familiarity with and love for God's Word at an early age.

Kids will have a blast following the many adventures of Cooper and Callie and their faithful canine companion Kate as they go on a quest for Bible knowledge. This unique series makes use of all learning styles—visual, auditory, read-write, and kinesthetic—to create a fun and memorable experience for every child.

The study of Jesus’s names is an understandable and foundational topic for young believers. When kids understand who Jesus is, they take the first step toward believing in Him.

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