A Christian disciple is a person whom God has called and given the gift of faith in Jesus Christ. The calling builds on the person’s personality; skills; and gifts, to grow in the knowledge and grace of Christ and to proclaim His gospel. Christian discipleship books, illuminated by the Holy Spirit through the bible, help a disciple to orientate their personality; skills; and gifts, toward becoming more Christ-like.

Biblical discipleship emphasizes encouragement, repentance, and spiritual growth―essential parts of the Christian life. However, well-meaning believers often struggle to follow Jesus, unaware their views are too legalistic, licentious, or individualistic. These discipleship resources presents an effective, Spirit-led model for sanctification. Reminding readers that real discipleship is imperfect yet transformational, they encourage Christians to engage more authentically with others as they grow in faith.

Cru Media Ministry defines the ministry of Christian discipleship books as ‘Biblio-discipleship’. To discern the truth in these titles requires that we spend time in the Word daily — studying it; praying over it; and most importantly, obeying it. In addition, we are both compelled and equipped to testify of the reason for the hope we have (1 Peter 3:15) and to disciple others to walk in His way (Matthew 28:19-20).

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Cru Media Ministry has both a physical bookstore and an online webstore, and is a one-stop trusted provider of Christian materials and resources in Singapore. We develop and publish Christian reading and multimedia materials to provide resources individuals for their spiritual needs, and services to churches to assist them in their evangelical mission to being people closer to Christ. Here at Cru Media Ministry, we have various resources to nourish your souls for your different seasons of life. Check out these great Christian resources and may they be a blessing to you and your loved ones.


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