“Reading carefully and attentively is an essential part of a journey into knowledge that is rooted in love...” - C. Christopher Smith, Reading for the Common Good.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we are compelled by love to nurture our gifts, enhance our skills, and develop our vocations for the benefit of others to the glory of God.

Reading Christian spiritual growth books, enlightened by the Word, is foundational, whether you are seeking to understand your new life in Christ; to discern God’s voice; to develop your ministry skills; to become more like Christ; or to tackle spiritual warfare, Cru Media Ministry has the Christian spiritual growth books for you. In our walk with God, there are times when we lose sight of our original goals or path. It is then good that we have useful resources to guide us back to Him, and provide insight and advice for the struggles in our daily lives. With a strong foundation in Christ, these books help you along your spiritual growth, especially when you might feel like your spiritual growth is dry. There is never a bad time to pick up one of these books to help you along the way,

Get your Christian spiritual growth books here!

Cru Media Ministry has both a physical bookstore and an online webstore, and is a one-stop trusted provider of Christian materials and resources in Singapore. We develop and publish Christian reading and multimedia materials to provide resources individuals for their spiritual needs, and services to churches to assist them in their evangelical mission to being people closer to Christ. Here at Cru Media Ministry, we have various resources to nourish your souls for your different seasons of life. Check out these great Christian resources and may they be a blessing to you and your loved ones.

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