What does the Bible say about ethics? Or relationships? Whether you are a seminary student, a full-time ministry worker, a lay leader, or someone seeking a stronger grasp of the Word and, hence, a closer relationship with God, these resources are for you.

Authors include Paul Copan (Is God a Moral Monster?); Gordon D. Fee (How to Read the Bible for all its Worth); and Philip Yancey (The Jesus I Never Knew). Biblical Studies Books include guides and commentaries on the books in the Bible, Bible character studies, and understanding the bible through contemporary lenses.

As Christians, living in contemporary times and the world today requires us to stay grounded in the Word. As such, we need to be equipped properly with the Word and defend the faith, as well as live out its values. These resources have been selected to help you in this aspect, and to reveal God's Word to you through knowledgable writers who had studied the Bible for very long. Written in a manner that is easily understood, these resources will be extremely helpful in your walk with Jesus, and in learning how to exemplify Christ in contemporary times.

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Cru Media Ministry has both a physical bookstore and an online webstore, and is a one-stop trusted provider of Christian materials and resources in Singapore. We develop and publish Christian reading and multimedia materials to provide resources individuals for their spiritual needs, and services to churches to assist them in their evangelical mission to being people closer to Christ. Here at Cru Media Ministry, we have various resources to nourish your souls for your different seasons of life. Check out these great Christian resources and may they be a blessing to you and your loved ones.

Biblical Studies

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